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Product DEMO Videos, SAAS Explainer Videos, 2D Explainer Videos, Motion Graphics, Promo Videos, Logo Animations, and Live-Action Videos.

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Product DEMO Videos

Software walkthrough videos are DEMO videos to explain or demonstrate your platform, website, software, or any other product.

It will show a complete process to your audience, how to use your product step by step.

Typically, it involves recording the screen of a computer or device while running the software and adding narration to describe its features and operations.

New to producing walkthrough videos? We’ll start you off with a free 20 seconds sample.

SAAS Explainer Videos

App videos are promo videos that showcase a mobile application’s features, benefits, and overall user experience.

They are created by using screen recording, animation, and live-action footage. The style and tone of the video will depend upon the app’s target audience.

New to producing app videos? We’ll start you off with a free 20 seconds sample.


2D Explainer Videos

2D explainer videos are a form of 2D animation that simplify complex ideas engagingly and straightforwardly, enabling your audience to grab your message in just a few seconds.

These animated videos capture your target audience’s attention with stunning graphics and an immersive storyline.

New to producing explainer videos? We’ll start you off with a free 20 seconds sample.

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics is an innovative type of animated video, based on infographics.

It’s not rushed, it’s geometrical, made in the best traditions of modern infographics. It explains information directly.

Using a bright design, clean fonts, and always different graphics layouts, this type of video grabs an audience’s attention and holds it till the end.

New to producing motion graphics videos? We’ll start you off with a free 20 seconds sample.


Live Action Videos

Unlike animation or motion graphics, live-action videos use real-life footage to tell a story or convey a message. This type of video production can include commercials, promotional videos, films, and TV shows.

At WagiGo Studio, we recognize that live-action videos effectively capture people’s attention and make a lasting impact. We utilize cutting-edge technology and strategies to create high-quality live-action videos.

New to producing live action videos? We’ll start you off with a free 20 seconds sample.

Logo Animations

Logo Animation is a short type of video from 3-8 seconds.

Your logo will be animated in an eye-catchy way, which demonstrates your brand name in motion accompanied by the music and sound effects.

New to producing logo animations? We’ll start you off with a free sample.


Whiteboard Videos

Whiteboard videos have been around for a couple of years. It’s quite famous in the education industry, but also can be used to bring the message or product promotion.

Its based on the black and white colors sketches.

New to producing whiteboard videos? We’ll start you off with a free 20 seconds sample.

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Our Production Process

1. Briefing

We will make your requirements outline and discuss the animation style, mission, and length of your explainer video.

2. Script

Our team will create a script that will enable you to tell a compelling story about your business, product or service.

3. Storyboard

At this stage, our digital artists will prepare a simplified visual representation of how the final explainer video will unfold.

4. Illustrations

Our graphic designers will develop a unique visual style and convert the storyboard into a set of beautiful illustrations. Based on your brand theme.

5. Voice over

We collaborate with talented voice artists that can provide a powerful voice for your video. So, you can choose any voice, gender, and language.

6. Animation

At this phase, we breathe life into static illustrations and create animation. We bring together a script, illustrations, and voiceover into an exciting story.

Frequently Asksed Questions

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We're producing almost every type of video like explainer videos, live-actions videos, motion graphics, video ads, brands videos, whiteboard videos, logo animation/intro/outro, software walkthrough videos, app videos, promo videos, and slideshow videos, etc.

Please check our "Pricing" page above.

Again, it depends upon the length and duration of the video. Following is the list of turnaround times for different videos,

Explainer Video = 15-20 Days.
Live Action Video = 8-12 Days.
Motion Graphics = 10-14 Days.
Logo Animation = 4-8 Days.
Software Video = 10-15 Days.
App Video = 10-15 Days.

Our Production process includes the following steps,

1-Script writing.
2-Ideas creation / Sketching.
3-Style Frame / Coloring / Theme design.
4-Storyboard Design.
6-Voice Over.
7-Background Music.
8-Sound Design.
10-Final Delivery

We mostly provide 3-5 rounds of revisions in a project. One round includes all revisions requests needed in a draft.
Note: Most videos are completed in 2-3 rounds. If you'll need more revisions then it will cost you $50 extra per round of revisions.

We can provide Full HD or 4K resolution video formats, like MP4, AVI, WEBM, WMV, MOV, GIF, Lottie, JSON, HTML
Even we can share all editable project files as well.

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