How Marketing Animated Videos Produced?

March 3, 2023. 8 min read

marketing animated videos

Animated marketing videos are produced by using following steps,

1. Script Making

For the production of animated marketing videos such as Explainer and Whiteboard animations, first of all you must decide the story that you want to explain. Create a storyline in which you will write each step of the animation story. This step will help you proceed quickly and build scenes one by one according to the screenplay.

You may create a script by rewriting or sketching your intellectual ideas. The screenplay serves as the structure for your animated video, allowing you to create additional storylines in animation.You must keep in mind the specific time of the video, and you must adjust the length of the story properly. Remember that an 80-90 second video will be created from a script around 200-250 words long. Thus, attempt to condense the story’s details.

2. Voiceover

Even though every story is complete with conversations, they are an important video component. If you have a solid understanding of the language that you want to use, you can speak the script independently. You might also hire someone to perform a voiceover for your video.

It would be best to consider the tone and pace of your words concerning the story, where you should emphasize the words, when you should lower and raise your pitch, and how rapidly you should talk. Keep in mind that speech is the phase that explains the entire video. Thus, it must be of high quality.

Examples of voice over below,

3. Storyboard

Once you’ve completed the scriptwriting and voice recording, you may start work on the animation. A storyboard is a process of converting your script into graphics. You can accomplish it if you are skilled enough to do hand drawings.

You may use visual images and graphics to tell your story. If you think you need to be more talented at drawing, you may utilize drawing software to create a story with graphics. The storyboard describes the animation’s scenes and transitions.

Storyboard design

4. Visualization

To create a marketing animation videos, people typically use software and animation apps; however, you may choose one and incorporate your designs. It is time to visualize your sketches by modifying them and filling them with beautiful colors.

After filling in the colors and completing your design, you may customize everything by adding a backdrop or improving the character. Remember that if your character appears lifelike, your video will stand out more. Thus, select your colors and backgrounds carefully to make them stand out.

animated video illustrations

5. Animation

One of the most desired and essential steps in creating a 2D animated animation has arrived. Of course, an animated animation is only complete with there’s a delusion. While each phase requires patience, you must maintain a tolerance for an extended amount of time after reaching this level because animation is time-consuming.

This phase should combine all previous processes, place the voiceover recordings in the backdrop, and move the graphics according to the situation. As a result, while merging the sounds and images on the storyboard, you must pay attention to every minute detail.

6. Background Music and SFX

Selecting good background music is another crucial factor when creating an animated video. Remember the following factors while selecting background music: Define the right tone with your music and generate the appropriate feeling. Identify your viewers/target audience and add a tune they can identify. Before finishing the tune, try out other tones. And at the end adding some sound effects (SFX), will improve your video quality.

Background music examples,

Why is Animation Important?

Animated videos are highly engaging! Animated videos for businesses have become increasingly common in social media marketing, whether a long video conveys a message to the audience or is just a filler. Cartoon characters and animations are visually appealing and effectively transmit the message on social media advertising. These animated videos, created with the help of an online animation video creator, retain a light tone while softly delivering the information to the targeted audiences.


Because of their broad appeal and ability to express challenging ideas, animated videos are recognized to grab attention. It’s an easy way to use them to grow your business, and with this approach, you should be able to create eye-catching animated videos in no time.

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