Whiteboard Animation: A Comprehensive Guide to Creativity

May 26, 2023. 8 min read

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In today’s digital age, visual content has become a powerful tool for communication and engagement. Whiteboard animations, in particular, have gained immense popularity due to their simplicity, versatility, and ability to convey complex ideas engagingly and memorably. Whether you’re an educator, a marketer, or simply someone looking to add a touch of creativity to your presentations, learning how to create whiteboard animations can be a valuable skill. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll explore the process of creating whiteboard animations, from planning and scripting to animation techniques and final touches.

What are Whiteboard Animations?

Whiteboard animations are explainer videos in which illustrations are drawn by hand on a whiteboard or a whiteboard-like surface. The process involves recording the entire drawing process and then speeding it up to create a seamless and engaging video.

Whiteboard animations effectively break down complex information into digestible and visually appealing content. They are often used to simplify complicated concepts, explain processes, showcase products or services, or convey educational material. By combining visual elements, storytelling, and the element of surprise, whiteboard animations engage viewers and leave a lasting impression.

Why are WhiteboardWhiteboard Animations so famous?

Due to following reasons, whiteboard animations are famous;

Engaging and Memorable

One of the primary benefits of whiteboard animation is its ability to engage and leave a lasting impression on the audience. Hand-drawn visuals, smooth animations, and a compelling narrative keep viewers hooked and make the content more memorable.

Simplifies Complex Ideas

Complex ideas can often be challenging to explain, incredibly concisely and engagingly. Whiteboard animation simplifies complex concepts by breaking them down into digestible visual elements. It allows viewers to grasp the information quickly and retain it for extended periods.

Increases Audience Retention

Due to its engaging nature, whiteboard animation significantly improves audience retention. Studies have shown that people remember information better when presented in a visually appealing and dynamic format. Combining visual and auditory stimuli in whiteboard animation enhances the learning experience and increases information retention.

Boosts Conversion Rates

Whiteboard animation can be a powerful tool for boosting conversion rates. By effectively communicating the value proposition of a product or service, it creates a sense of trust and understanding in the viewer. It, in turn, increases the likelihood of converting prospects into customers.

How to make a great whiteboard animation video.

Identify Key Scenes

The success of the video relies on the story it tells. According to animator and illustrator William Warren, “A great script serves as the foundation for a great video.” Before starting the writing process, it is essential to consider your video’s substance, message, and style.

Most whiteboard videos aim to educate or entertain. It’s important to remember that even seemingly boring educational topics can become fascinating if presented effectively. Warren believes that every story has the potential to be compelling, and storytelling techniques can be employed to convey any issue effectively.

When crafting a whiteboard animation video script, it is essential to consider visuals. It is recommended to maintain a balanced pace, using one symbol or picture per sentence. “Including three drawings in a single sentence can overwhelm the viewer,” advises Wooding. However, avoiding using only one drawing for an entire paragraph is also essential. It is helpful to read the script To ensure a natural flow of the video animation. It allows for better pacing and tone adjustment, resulting in a more engaging video

Create storyboards​

Storyboarding aids in selecting suitable graphics for each voice-over section. Warren states, “If you begin with a well-crafted step-by-step storyboard, chances are your final product will be excellent.”

It is essential to plan your animation drawings and their interactions. In whiteboard videos, visual concepts play a significant role. Wooding emphasizes that witnessing these visuals come alive captivates viewers. When choosing animated characters, consider your palette. Additionally, incorporate text into your illustrations. Writing out words can effectively engage viewers, especially during challenging voice-over segments.

Gather the tools you need

The next stage is to prepare your recording location and equipment. Whiteboard animations can be created using foam board, white paper, or a dry-erase board, each allowing for different pens but eliminating the option to erase. Once you have selected your physical medium, choose a suitable location and set up your lighting and camera.

Position the camera above the WhiteboardWhiteboard or foam board for a direct view of your illustration. Double-check the placement of your hand and camera to ensure you have enough space to complete your illustrations. To prevent unwanted shadows while drawing, ensure the scene is well-lit.

Design the Scenes

Now it’s time to bring your scenes to life by sketching. You don’t need to be a professional artist to create a storyboard. Stick figures or simple drawings are sufficient as long as they effectively convey the actions and emotions of your characters.

Remember to include essential details in each scene, such as character positions, facial expressions, and any props or objects relevant to the scene. You can also add arrows or lines to indicate camera movements and transitions.

Draw and Record

After setting up your workspace, you must begin creating and recording your drawings. When designing animations, it’s essential to consider the balance between the number of characters, text backgrounds, and other elements. Additionally, it would be best to prioritize the script’s storytelling aspect, ensuring that the video effectively conveys its concept. By following these guidelines, you can produce a high-quality video.

Before starting the video, it is recommended to practice approximately 5 to 6 times. It will help your hand become accustomed to the drawing process, allowing you to create drawings and icons easily.

Voice Over

Once the animations are completed, it is recommended to incorporate a Voice Over narration to simplify further and clarify the concept depicted in the animation. The Voice Over will guide the viewers, providing them with a clear understanding of the intended message and enhancing their overall engagement with the video.

When choosing a Voice Over artist, consider someone with a pleasant and professional voice that matches the tone and style of the animation. Ensuring that the narrator speaks clearly and articulates the information effectively is essential.

Future of Whiteboard Animation

As technology continues to advance, whiteboard animation is expected to evolve further. With virtual and augmented reality’s emergence, whiteboard animations could become more immersive and interactive, offering new opportunities for storytelling and communication.


Whiteboard animation has revolutionized the way information is presented and communicated. Its unique combination of hand-drawn illustrations, narration, and storytelling has made it popular for various purposes, including education, marketing, and presentations. With its visual appeal, simplified concepts, and increased engagement, whiteboard animation continues to captivate audiences and convey messages effectively.

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