Best E-commerce Explainer Videos: Top 8 Choices

May 28, 2023. 10 min read

Ecommerce Explainer

In today’s digital era, e-commerce has revolutionized the way businesses operate and customers shop. With millions of online stores vying for attention, it’s crucial for businesses to effectively communicate their offerings and value propositions. One powerful tool in their arsenal is the e-commerce explainer video, which combines engaging visuals, concise storytelling, and clear messaging to captivate audiences and drive conversions. In this article, we will explore the top 8 e-commerce explainer videos that have successfully captured the essence of online businesses and conveyed their value in a compelling way.

Top 8 E-Commerce Explainer Videos

Here are some best e-commerce explainer videos for inspiration;


Sometimes, product marketing isn’t solely focused on product features and functionality; it’s about differentiating oneself from the competition by offering something unique and extraordinary. This is precisely what Shopify has accomplished with their video. The animation effectively conveys the message in a highly imaginative manner, prioritizing the emotional experience rather than the technical details of the product. Shopify’s animated commercial showcases a charming hand-drawn illustration style accompanied by delightful background music. Furthermore, the professional narrative and voiceover enhance the viewer’s understanding of the product’s core essence.

2. Cadabbra

Similar to the Shopify video mentioned above, Cadabbra’s animated explainer video focuses on showcasing the benefits of the platform for its users. In particular, it utilizes stylized, nearly monochromatic animations to emphasize how Cadabbra revolutionizes the interior design process.

The video demonstrates the positive impact of the platform, not only for customers but also for retailers, interior designers, and project managers, by immersing them in a dynamic marketplace environment.

3. Norton

Norton’s explainer video lasts only 29 seconds, making it a quick watch, but its brevity does not diminish its effectiveness. The video features charmingly colorful character animations, a unique approach for software products, while explaining the significance of safeguarding your digital information.

By emphasizing the value of digital assets and the potential dangers they face, the video swiftly presents a compelling argument for the importance of digital protection.

4. Wallprotex

The e-commerce product explainer video by Wallprotex provides a step-by-step guide for customers to order their customized wall protection products, starting from the initial concept to the creation of a prototype and final development. The brand employs a captivating chalkboard animation style in the video, showcasing the company’s innovative and unconventional approach. This animation embodies the blueprint aesthetic and occasionally mimics actual Wallprotex user interfaces for designing and placing product orders.

5. Training Mask

The Training Mask is a fitness tool utilized by athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike who aim to incorporate respiratory conditioning into their training regimen. This video, devoid of voiceover, allows the product to speak for itself through showcasing various individuals incorporating it into their exercise routines. These fitness clips, accompanied by music from The Siege, make this explanatory video equally as inspiring as any training montage in Rocky.

6. Nike

The video showcasing Nike’s Air Max focuses solely on visual elements to effectively convey the shoes’ lightness and flexibility.

By incorporating actual images of the Air Max shoes throughout, the video predominantly utilizes abstract motion graphics to evoke the shoes’ airy design and the natural movement they embody.

No words are necessary to leave customers with a powerful impression of the sensation one would experience while wearing Nike’s Air Max shoes.

7. CCleaner

The first thing that stands out about CCleaner is its numerous driver updates and customizable cleaning features. However, what truly captivates me in the video is how they synchronize the musical tone, sound effects, and satisfying voiceover. The graphics used are not only attractive and beautiful, but also simple yet elegant. The animations perfectly complement the “Game Over,” “Game On,” “Yes,” and “No” illustrations, which align with the voiceover and effectively highlight the company’s services. As a result, customers can easily understand the video and relate it to their own situations.

8. IVent

The IVent Explainer video highlights all the positive aspects of using their platform. Through the use of animated experienced experts, the video showcases their track record of delivering successful virtual events. The visually appealing graphics in the video generate a sense of curiosity and desire for more information as it demonstrates the platform’s extensive online conferencing capabilities. The call-to-action at the end of the video strengthens the trust that has been established, emphasizing IVent’s ability to assist with the entire event planning process, from beginning to end.


In the realm of e-commerce, explainer videos have emerged as a powerful tool for engaging and educating audiences. Through captivating storytelling, stunning visuals, and concise messaging, these videos effectively communicate a brand’s value proposition, increase customer trust, and drive conversions. By incorporating the top 5 e-commerce explainer videos discussed in this article as inspiration, businesses can leverage the immense potential of this medium to create compelling visual content that leaves a lasting impact.

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