WorthMap is the ultimate software for tracking wealth in one bird’s eye view to help make better financial decisions.

It’s a first-of-its-kind tool, developed after more than three years of testing and learning. It’s called WorthMap, available to help make the most financially sophisticated decisions as easy as possible.

Simply put, WorthMap provides instant performance insights of all assets and incomes, while monitoring all liabilities and expenses, to have a bird’s eye view of all streams of money coming in and out.


Watch the Video.


Storyboard design


2D Cartoon working on laptop
cartoon video boy searching
custom animated video
animated video scene
animated video screen
excel files motion graphics
finance motion graphics
expaliner boy analysing
explainer video helpline

Tools used

explainer video creation tools

WorthMap ❤️'s WagiGo

WagiGo’s team is a highly-skilled video producer. They are exceptional at creating the visuals and animations that hit the marketing message on target. They are also very collaborative and open to ideas. They work very hard to respond quickly as we work in different time zones. For these reasons I highly recommend them.”

Video Credits

Sketches: Mehshi
Ideas Creation: Mhr Zahid
Storyboard Design: Mhr Zahid
Animation: Suresh Kumar
Voice Over: Jody

Project Summary

Wagigo’s Involvement
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