Our Packages For Whiteboard Videos

The info below allows you to compare the packages for whiteboard videos. Choose which one suits best your business goals, targeted audience, and budget. We guarantee to start the production process as soon as we sign the contract and brief all details.


It includes creating a basic script, storyboard, less complicated visuals, one voiceover, stock music, and sound FX.

Price Range: $300-400 / 60 seconds.

Turnaround Time: 12-15 days.


It includes creating a script, storyboard, rich visual style with textures, colorful sketches, high-end shading, multilingual voiceover, stock music, sound FX, logo animation, frame-by-frame animation with a touch of 3D animation.

Price Range: 800-900 / 60 seconds.

Turnaround Time: 20-25 days.

Project Summary

Wagigo’s Involvement
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