Top 5 Video Animation Trends in 2023.

Feb 02, 2023. 10 min read

The roots of motion and animation can be traced back over 80 years, and advancements in technology have propelled it to new heights, limitless in the potential for creative expression. In today’s digital age, many individuals and businesses use video content as a means of communicating ideas, sharing stories, and promoting products, both online and offline.

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With the advent of accessible tools such as cameras, phones, and laptops, creating video content has become easier, thanks in part to the advancements in video animation design. This enables people to bring their imaginative visions to life with engaging storylines and visuals.

Current Video Animation Trends:

 There are a variety of animation trends that incorporate the fusion of two styles, leading to unique and imaginative ways of depicting characters and narratives. These styles have gained popularity and are considered effective methods for creating compelling video animations. The following are some video animation techniques that are expected to be prevalent in 2023.

Merging 2D and 3D Animation:

The trend of combining 2D and 3D animation in video production has gained popularity both in the small-scale advertisement industry and the large-scale digital marketing sector. This style offers opportunities for both experienced and novice animators to showcase their skills by creating seamless transitions in their video content.

The combination of 2D and 3D animation has intensified the competition in the hiring market for animators, as clients and marketing agencies seek the best talent. This has led to a race among various brands, from Nike to Coca-Cola to Amazon, to find the best video animators, whether through marketing agencies or freelancers who can meet the demands of multiple clients.

This hybrid approach of 2D and 3D animation is beneficial for producing brand marketing and explanatory videos, as well as animated films. The key is to incorporate 2D animation that highlights the moving elements in the video and uses stop motion, combined with 2D and 3D animation, to capture the audience’s attention and make the content more engaging.

Thin Line Animation:

The minimal line animation trend was first introduced by Disney in their early animation designs. This style involves the use of simple lines to create figures and shapes throughout the video animation, including its characters and elements. The advantage of this thin-line animation is that it is easy to produce while still effectively creating captivating characters, making it a cost-effective option.

Animators can utilize color in minimal line animation to craft various design templates and develop a distinct character style or create multiple characters from a brief design. This animation technique is commonly utilized to make cartoon animations and is rapidly growing as one of the leading video animation styles in the digital world, shaping the video industry.

Color Scheme Selection:

Color scheme selection is a popular video animation technique that allows artists to experiment with their art, limited only by a few colors. It helps to create a unique and eye-catching website design, separating it from the typical sharp and vibrant colors commonly used on websites.

When paired with liquid motion, it results in a fluid animation transition that sets it apart from other animation styles. By maintaining a consistent color scheme, the brand message stays in the audience’s mind for a prolonged period of time. Color scheme selection plays a key role in creating impactful animated explainer advertisements that increase brand reach.

Shapeshifting and Fluid Motion:

Shapeshifting and fluid motion are effective methods for creating smooth video animations. They allow for the transformation of an object into a different size, shape, and color. This can be accomplished by outlining the object’s body and then transforming it into fluid animation. These techniques can be applied throughout the entire video, utilizing motion graphics from start to finish.

The trend of shapeshifting and fluid motion video animation is a valuable asset for improving website ranking and enhancing a brand’s online presence. It appeals to users and provides them with an engaging video experience, thereby strengthening the brand’s online presence.

Scalable Vector Animation:

Website design is a key industry that heavily relies on scalable vector animation, also known as vector animation. This involves displaying mathematical proportions rather than a simple image on a window or web page. The size of the layout can be adjusted to either small or large sizes based on precise measurements, making it a scalable solution.

The benefit of using vector animation is that it reduces the website load time and the size of the animation file. It enables animators to create seamless transitions that impress website visitors. However, this animation trend demands an expert animator who can handle intricate calculations and can alter the direction and size of vector animation.


The video animation industry is constantly evolving, and it’s difficult to predict with certainty its future developments. The growth of video content has been driving new innovations, and the work of skilled animators has introduced various animation techniques that serve as inspiration for other animators. With global advancements and advancements in technology, the world is eagerly awaiting further advancements in the creation of lifelike animations.

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