Video Distribution Platforms for the best audience or traffic

June 07, 2023. 9 min read

Video distribution platforms

Discover the most effective video distribution platforms, beginning with your website and progressing to streaming platforms. Continue reading to find out how you may use videos to help you achieve your goals.

What Is The Need Of Video Marketing Distribution?

Did you know that 75% of UK internet users watch web videos on their phones and spend over 100 minutes daily doing so? Video marketing can attract more customers who may like your brand after seeing a 30-second explainer.

Video material is no longer limited to TV advertising. Several video distribution platforms are now available, allowing businesses to promote themselves online and get more customers for less money. So, videos on numerous channels are necessary to reach a wider audience and promote your company to potential buyers who may not be interested otherwise.

The saying goes, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” Video content follows this rule.   You might significantly increase your consumer base if you uploaded the same 20 videos to 20 separate landing sites for different sectors!

Video Distribution Platforms


As we all know, we check the company’s website before buying anything. Websites represent the complete business. So, companies must create visually appealing and informative sites to help users make judgments.

Internet users don’t want to read long descriptions, manuals, and guidelines in today’s fast-paced environment. People prefer quick access to relevant information, including product specifics and detailed instructions on how to use services. They prefer animated storyboarding videos to FAQs.

Video footage on your website can help potential clients understand your organization. Your company goals determine whether you choose animated, live-action, 3D, or 2D illustration videos!

Each video distribution platform has benefits that make it a good choice for your content. This article will discuss the most popular platforms you can use to upload your videos and improve your business metrics.


Blogs are an important way to share information with users, but it’s not just limited to text. Rather, it can also be utilized as a platform for the distribution of video content, serving a variety of purposes, including:

  1. Adding different kinds of content to your blog
  2. Going over the ideas in your articles again
  3. Highlighting the advantages of your products and services in promotional articles
  4. Engaging users with a distinct and captivating form of content.
  5. Improving your website’s search engine rankings.

We know that the second function may take time to be clear, especially for people who aren’t in marketing. However, research indicates that adding a video to your blog can substantially improve its search engine ranking. Incredibly, it can increase your possibilities of ranking on the first page of search engine results by 53 times!

Landing Pages

Your product or service may need to be better represented by more than words. Video can capture more detail than static photographs, so use it to make an impact.

Your landing page’s video material can fulfill various purposes:

  1. Introducing new visitors to your products
  2. Listing the benefits of being your customer
  3. Demonstrating your product’s features

Your landing page’s video content should match its goals and objectives. For instance, if the landing page targets new customers who arrive via an ad, it must show why the visitor needs the product or service and how it may solve their problems.

Landing pages with videos have an 86% better conversion rate! Create a 30-second explainer video, submit it to your new landing page, and add relevant graphics and content to boost results.


Facebook has 2.85 billion users, which is a huge amount, and this number continues to increase. A big percentage of your customers probably use Facebook. You can use videos on your business page to interact with consumers.

Videos can be a powerful way to attract potential customers and start advertising campaigns on Facebook. But it’s important not to bombard your audience with too many videos, or they may stop paying attention and scroll past them. Instead, we suggest posting videos on Facebook regularly to keep things interesting and make a bigger impact.


Vimeo is a great site for hosting videos. It has 230 million users and 60 million content creators who share their work on this site.

Even though it’s smaller than Facebook and YouTube (the norm for 99% of websites), the number of people who can watch your videos is remarkable.

Vimeo’s users are mostly professionals, as the site is more artistic and advanced than YouTube. It’s a good place to share your work and get feedback from others in your field.

Also, Vimeo is the best place to host videos that you want to put on your website. It has a wide range of plans that meet different video marketing needs. They don’t have ads and support 4K and Dolby Vision, ensuring that your content is delivered in the best quality possible.


TikTok, another mobile-first platform, resembles Instagram regarding video distribution.

The platform boasts a monthly user base of approximately 750 million individuals, who tend to skew slightly younger than Instagram users. Nearly 50% of TikTok users fall in the age bracket of 10 to 29, making it an excellent forum to target Gen Z consumers.

The most significant distinction between Instagram and TikTok lies in the fact that TikTok is an exclusively video-based platform that favors shorter content. The limit for a TikTok video used to be three minutes, which has recently jumped to 10 minutes, but users still gravitate towards brief videos that capture their attention and move swiftly.


While LinkedIn and TikTok starkly contrast, LinkedIn remains a promising platform for video distribution (depending on the target audience).

Primarily, LinkedIn is leveraged for professional networking and career development, boasting a user base of over 875 million individuals across 200+ countries worldwide.

Hence, sharing professional brand videos, such as company updates, success stories, and behind-the-scenes content, is the optimal choice on this platform.

Popular video distribution technologies

Video distribution methods are also important. The top three are:

Unicast—sends videos from one server to another.

Cashing– stores videos on several servers.

Multicast – Live-streaming multicast.

Marketers and business owners who wish to improve video marketing should also know about paid video distribution platforms. These work well.

Advertisement campaigns

Advertisements can be found on several different social media channels (like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube). But if you set the right targeting parameters, make an interesting video, and show it at the right time, you can get a new group of people interested in your product or service.

Influencer cooperation

Your company’s success can be greatly influenced by the people you connect with through social networks. If bloggers write about your brand, success is assured.


Certainly, video marketing has become an increasingly popular and impactful tool for companies to promote their products and services. Videos allow companies to showcase the benefits of their offerings, highlight new features, and provide guidance on how to use them effectively. Moreover, videos can also be utilized to foster brand loyalty and engagement with existing clients.

Distributing videos through various channels is crucial to reach different audiences and attracting new clients. Different platforms have different user demographics and preferences, so utilizing multiple channels can increase the reach of your video marketing efforts.

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