What is the importance of Video Content in Marketing?

March 22, 2023. 8 min read

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In the last few years, video content has experienced significant growth in marketing. It has led to the emergence of numerous professional video marketing agencies whose sole purpose is to produce unique videos that help their clients achieve their business objectives.

But have you ever wondered what makes video content so crucial for marketing strategies? Instead of praising its benefits, let me highlight some key points demonstrating its significance.

Get ready to discover fascinating facts and see compelling examples of this popular medium. Let’s dive in!

The Importance of Video Content Marketing

Let us explore why video content is so essential in marketing . Here are ten fascinating facts about videos:

1. Streamlined Information

It is often said that one minute of video is equivalent to 1.8 million written words. It may seem unbelievable, but it’s true! The combination of sound and visuals makes video content much more efficient than blog articles. This powerful combination enables a vast amount of information to be conveyed quickly and concisely.

Just imagine how long it would take to write almost two million words, let alone read such a massive block of text! Hence, video is a more effective and convenient medium, highlighting the importance of video marketing.

2. Enhance Information Retention

Video content has also been shown to enhance information retention, with viewers retaining 95% of the information presented. Videos are incredibly engaging and memorable, capturing viewers’ attention and aiding information recall.

Therefore, if you want your product or service to stick in your audience’s memory, it would be wise to incorporate content marketing videos into your strategy.

3. Reach a Vast Audience

Over the past decade, videos have become increasingly popular for brands to connect with their audiences online. Reports suggest that video content has a global audience reach of nearly 93%.

It is because users prefer watching videos about a specific topic rather than reading written posts with similar information. Ultimately, it comes down to the convenience of videos and how they make it easier to consume content

4. Enhancing Social Media Shares

If you stay up-to-date with the latest trends (which you most likely are if you are reading this), you have probably stumbled upon a viral video. But have you ever come across a viral blog post or infographic? The scarcity of viral text content is because videos are more engaging, making them more likely to be shared. Videos uploaded to social media receive 1200% more shares than text and image content combined!

5. Educating Potential Customers

Providing educational content is an excellent way to deliver valuable information quickly. This content encourages learning, boosts comprehension and retention, and spreads quickly through social channels. Unsurprisingly, up to 96% of potential customers search for videos to learn more about a product or service.

Since people are already online searching for answers, it is a great idea to have a couple of videos ready to give them the necessary information. Doing so lets you establish a powerful connection with your audience that they will remember for a while.

6. Encouraging Purchase Decisions

Video content marketing ultimately aims to help businesses achieve specific objectives. One of the most sought-after objectives is to increase sales, and unsurprisingly, videos are the ideal tool for accomplishing this goal. These visual masterpieces are so influential that eight out of ten viewers have purchased them after watching a video. This statistic highlights video content’s vital role in prospective buyers’ decision-making process.

7. Boost Your Conversion Rates

If you need more evidence to understand the importance of video marketing, I have some compelling information for you. Uploading a video to your landing page can increase your conversions by an impressive 86%. By helping potential customers better understand your product or service, you can build trust during the critical stages of their decision-making process. As a result, you can easily persuade them to take action and become loyal customers.

8. People Love Videos

As previously mentioned, video content has a massive reach, as 78% of internet users watch videos weekly, with 55% doing so daily. People love watching videos because they are entertaining and easy to understand. One of the most popular video marketing strategies is captivating viewers with engaging or informative content that leaves them wanting more.

9. Google Loves too

Video content in marketing can also boost your SEO efforts. That’s right! Finding ways to improve your rankings in the SERPs can be challenging, but it becomes more manageable when you leverage content that search engines favor. Studies show that 62% of all Google searches include video results, and videos are 50 times more likely to rank organically than plain text results. Google loves this type of content just as much as we do!

10. Video content marketing is not a one-time trick.

Some people believe that video content marketing is a strategy that only works once, and then it’s time to move on to the next thing. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Video can be part of a long-term strategy and something customers actively seek! Don’t believe me? Research indicates that 54% of users want to see more video content from the businesses they support. As a result, 94% of marketers plan to continue using video. The video is here to stay!

Examples of Video Content Marketing

If you’re interested in the types of videos you can incorporate into your strategy, here are some of the most popular ones, along with exceptional examples that can inspire you:

1. Explainer Videos

The most commonly used style in video content marketing is the “explainer” video because it effectively conveys complex information in a clear, engaging, and memorable manner. These videos often include animated characters in relatable situations that viewers can quickly identify with, thus positioning you, your product, or service as the hero that comes in to save the day.

2. Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos showcase satisfied customers sharing their positive experiences with a business and its offerings. These videos are valuable tools for building brand trust and encouraging potential customers to choose your business over the competition.

3. Product Videos

Product videos are a powerful tool for demonstrating to viewers what your product or service is all about and highlighting the benefits it can provide. Since potential customers cannot interact with your offerings directly, you must find ways to overcome this obstacle. One effective strategy used by some of the best product video examples is to showcase the product’s features compellingly while also making viewers comfortable with the idea of becoming customers.

4. Tutorial Videos

Tutorial videos are informative and educational pieces that guide the viewer on using your product or service effectively. They can be used to teach potential customers anything related to your niche, from how to use your product to accomplish a specific task, to how to request a demo and everything in between.


With the statistics and facts I’ve shared, you have a solid foundation to utilize video content marketing for your business. The examples provided can also inspire the type of content you can create to achieve optimal results. Now that you’re equipped with this knowledge, it’s time to start brainstorming and planning your next content marketing video. Good luck!

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