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March 7, 2023. 9 min read

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No one can deny the power of video marketing in 2023.

It’s everywhere, and that’s precisely the purpose. It’s ideal for guerrilla marketing, and video should be a component of your approach.

So where do you even begin? Begin by considering the many possibilities, the two most common of which are animated and live-action videos.

To assist you in selecting, we will examine the appearance, cost, and optimal times to employ animated vs. live-action videos in this article.

The advantages and disadvantages of employing animated vs live-action videos.

Advantages of Animated videos.

One advantage of animated videos is that they do not require performers or expensive settings. There are no sets to create, no venues to discover, and no volatile actors to manage. You will save money, time, and energy.

Animated videos are also ideal for illustrating complex products or services. They represent a method of bringing complicated concepts to life by engaging the audience.

They may have created a long-form article describing the notion of AI. Instead, they developed a 6-minute animated video that explains what AI is all about in an accessible manner.

Tech businesses realize the difficulties of describing the technology with which they operate. That is why there has been an increase in the use of animated films to convey abstract subjects.

Disadvantages of Animated Videos.

The most significant disadvantage of animated videos is that they tend to feel more impersonal than live-action ones.

Based on their length and complexity, animated videos can also take three to seven weeks to produce. If time is against you, you need to bear that in mind.

Advantages of Live action videos.

Live-action videos have the benefit of conveying a realistic, instructional tone. They may additionally possess a humanistic impact.

Individuals can often relate to live-action videos better because they convey emotions more quickly. It is due to our ability to understand body language.

Live-action videos are also faster if you include only a few complex features. The longer the video, the more authors, actors, locations, and camera angles you add. A well-planned, technically light video may be completed in three to six weeks.

Disadvantages of Live action videos.

The main disadvantage of live action is the cost. The more complicated, recognized, and high-quality the video, the higher the price.

Another disadvantage of live-action video is the ability to alter the video after it has been recorded. It might be challenging if you still need to include a scene or wish to add a few additional words. It may be impossible to reassemble the team, venue, and setup. Whereas with animated videos, modifications and amendments are considerably more manageable. Then again, who hasn’t? The venue, camera, sound equipment, and talent you select all have a cost.

How much do animated and live-action videos cost?

So, you’ve chosen to include video in your marketing strategy. Frequently, one of the first queries is regarding expense. What are you capable of getting for your budget?

Animated Videos.

There are various aspects of animated videos. The typical method for creating an animated video begins with creating a script. After that, there will be storyboarding, animation, voice-over, music, and sound effects.

Then there are the adjustments and revisions at each step and comment period.

We recently compared the prices of animated videos in the business. “How much does an animated explainer video cost?” we wanted to know. As a result, we contacted 242 explainer video production providers to inquire about price and turnaround times.

If you choose an animated video, you must make another selection. Will you construct a team of freelancers or hire a company/studio?

When you hire freelancers, you may mix and match several different skills, budgets, and qualities. Having a limited budget may allow you to deal with people who have reduced costs.

Yet, it would be best if you considered your own time. In principle, the hours you spend organizing and managing are a cost if you take on the project manager position.

If you discover one, you can delegate more responsibility to a video production business. The project may then be managed remotely. If you choose this option, you must look for the best pricing. Some businesses will provide fixed rates and turnaround times, while others will charge a fee on completion.

Live action videos.

The process of creating live-action videos is very different. To begin, you have a script and storyboard stage. You will either have to do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you. Next, there’s the shooting, which will require the following: location, cast, security, decorations, dress, and setup. Ultimately, you have completed all of your post-production aspects. Editing, music, sound effects, and more visuals are all included.

Nevertheless, if time and money are limited, shooting a DIY-style live-action video in just a few days is feasible.

One massive advantage of live-action is using what you currently have. You may use your house or office as a set and ask for the assistance of friends and coworkers to perform some actions. You may also make any required changes and improvise on the day if desired. It will prevent costly adjustments in the future.

Therefore, the cost is determined by what resources you may use and what you must obtain. You may then budget based on your findings.


It all comes down to your demands and money when choosing between animated and live-action films. Whether you have a limited budget or need to illustrate a complex topic, animated animations are ideal.

Yet, if you have the budget or want to create a more substantial emotional effect, employ a live-action video.

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