Explainer Video Cost: What should it be?

Feb 21, 2023. 5 min read

The cost of an explainer video depends on the following factors,

  1. Length of the video.
  2. Style of the video.
  3. Quality of design and animations.
  4. Complexity of video concept.
  5. Type of animation studio.
  6. Steps involved in video production.
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1-Length of The Video.

The length of the video is directly proportional to time and resources for video production, so it also impacts cost.

A 60-second animated explainer video costs between $500-2000.

2-Style of The Video.

Some explainer videos have a very simple style, but some have a complicated style. Explainer videos based on typography and live stock footage are considered in simple styles. Still, explainer videos with rich graphics, custom character designs, complex scenery, 2D and 3D animations are considered complex styles.

Producing a complex-style video will take more time and resources and vice versa.

A simple typography-based 60-second video costs $300-600.

Like below example,


A complex style, 60-second video with mix of 2D and 3D animations costs $700-2500.

Like below example,

3-Quality of Design and Animations.

A video with a high-quality storyboard design or graphics and high-end animations are costly than others with low-quality graphics and animations.

A low-quality 60-second video costs $100-300.

Like below example,


A high-quality 60-second video costs $700-2500.

Like below example,

4-Complexity of Video Concept.

Some companies have a common concept/theme, but others have unique and complex ideas. For example, a company working on digital marketing, education services etc., has an idea that can be easily illustrated rather than a company working on rare special devices or services.

Creating a video based on a common concept requires less time and vice versa.

A common concept-based, 60-second video costs $300-800.

A complex concepts-based 60-second video costs $800-2000.

5-Type of Animation Studio.

It’s a very important factor in explainer video costs. Animation studios in developed countries and rich industry locations cost more than those in some developing countries because of employee salaries difference and other costs.

US or UK-based animation studios charge $4000-25000 for a 60-second explainer video.

Middle east and Asia-based animation studios charge $300-1200 for a 60-second explainer video, with the same quality as US or UK-based studios.

Here at WagiGo Studio, we’re producing high-quality animated explainer videos at very affordable prices because of our location, fewer employee salaries, low state taxes and other expenses.

We charge $500-900 for a 60-second custom top-notch animated explainer video.

Like below example,

6-Steps Involved in Video Production.

An explainer video is created by following the steps,

  1. Script writing.
  2. Raw storyboard design.
  3. Final illustrated storyboard.
  4. Animations.
  5. Voice-over additions.
  6. Background music addition.
  7. Sound effects addition.
  8. Final export.

Creating an animated explainer video is based on the above 8 steps.

Each step required a specific time and cost based on the video’s duration, style, quality and complexity. 

Sometimes there is only background music in the video and no voice-over required, so in this type of video, voice-over cost will not be included.

Like below example,


Some explainer videos are based on stock footage, so costs for raw storyboard design and final illustrations are not included in these videos.

Like below example,


Explainer video cost depends on multiple factors. Choosing the right animation studio is crucial in this. Spending more on the low quality video is not a wise choice.

A high-quality, custom-animated explainer video costs $600-1200.

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